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Who We Are

Legal Marketing Concepts (LMC)

Who We Are

Legal Marketing Concepts was founded and is led by industry veteran, Ethan Heck. Mr. Heck has been involved in class action and multidistrict (MDL) information campaigns, marketing and client retention for more than a decade. His passion for building mass torts has been instrumental in the creation of the Mirena – Psuedotumor Cerebri (MDL #2767), Truvada (JCCP #5043), and Bard PowerPort (MDL #3081), with three new current litigation projects underway.

Bard PowerPort MDL

With respect to the Bard PowerPort MDL, Ethan spent more than a year reading peer-reviewed research, compiling, and providing quantitative and qualitative analysis on more than 20,000 MDR’s and DEN’s (from the now defunct Alternative Summary Reporting Program) to provide the foundation for the science that now supports this litigation. He then spent the following year working with co-lead counsel, Adam Evans, recruiting friends from some of the top firms in the nation to work together on the Plaintiff Steering Committee.
Bard PowerPort MDL

Our Values

As a man of devout faith, his morals and Christian principles are the foundation of how the company operates. His grandfather, a very successful entrepreneur, and personal hero to Mr. Heck whose father passed away at a young age, conveyed a business mantra to Ethan shortly before his passing. “If you always do the right thing by your clients and employees, you’ll never have to worry about business because it will always take care of itself.” Mr. Heck and LMC are guided by this insight in our business practices everyday.

The integrity of any business is paramount. At Legal Marketing Concepts, we feel so strongly about this that our company motto,
“The Apogee of Integrity,” is emblazoned on our company logo.


Ethan Heck


Candice Tubera


A Strong Commitment to Our Local Community

The leadership of LMC demonstrates a strong commitment to our local community. Our CEO and COO initially met several years ago while volunteering at the “I Love My City” food bank, affiliated with the church they both attend, City Light Las Vegas. Beyond their involvement in various charitable endeavors like “100 Christmases” sponsored by John Ponder’s Hope for Prisoners initiative, COO Candice Tubera and her husband, Basilio, actively lead a nonprofit called R3demption. Through R3demption, they offer a range of cost-free programs to support ‘at risk’ youth in the Las Vegas Valley.


Legal Marketing Concepts
3909 S. Maryland Pkwy #305
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Office: (702) 747-4387


    Legal Marketing Concepts’ hands-on customer service, rapid transfers, and transparent data analytics make partnering with them an easy decision. While many of its competitors offer cookie cutter “one size fits all” campaigns, LCM has repeatedly worked with our firm to set-up tailored project criteria that allows us to better service the potential clients we are seeking. This has repeatedly resulted in higher client conversion rates and lower case acquisition costs.

    Jon C. Conlin, Cory Watson

    The attention to detail and responsiveness of Ethan and his team at Legal Marketing Concepts has always been fantastic. LMC is an example of how to market for claims the right way. The honesty and professionalism of LMC is an example that others should take to heart and learn from. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Cameron Andrus, Roman Balaban & Associates

    Ethan Heck's lead generation company is one of the very few that I would ever spend my own money on. He’s completely transparent in how he spends money advertising on my campaigns, and is just an honest person overall. He’s also one of the very few people I’ve ever recommended that my firm spend money on, if we've ever spent money on outside marketing for cases.

    Ruth Rizkalla, The Carlson Law Firm