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Our team has over 30 years of experience in product liability claim marketing and case acquisition.


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Legal Marketing Concepts provides attorneys the opportunity to evolve and create greater efficiencies for their firm. Our team enables law firms to more adequately manage cash flows and allocate capital and resources in the most optimal manner. Our goal is to enable the law firm to maximize all of the tools at their disposal to ensure the best outcomes for their clients.


Legal Marketing Concepts is a team of legal professionals with more than thirty years of experience in legal marketing, intake, and lead vetting. Our time and experience in the industry provide unparalleled insights into social media based marketing, lead qualifying, and the litigations themselves.

We pride ourselves on understanding the needs and processes of every law firm we collaborate with. This experience enables our group to have the dexterity needed to adapt to the evolution of our ever-changing field of expertise. Allowing for our litigation partners to allocate more time to focus on what matters most, the client.


Outsourcing the frontend lead generation, intake, and qualifying aspects of case management to Legal Marketing Concepts enables LMC to gather all of the initial client information for your team. We provide law firms with the necessary information and claimant documents needed to move each client’s case forward in the most expedited fashion. Allowing the law firm to focus on bringing justice and deserved compensation rather than being stuck in the cycle of initial client retention.

A client can become unresponsive and it ultimately affects the bottom line in retention. We pride ourselves on the ability to reduce the rate of fallout by helping our litigating partners reconnect with their clients. In most cases, these clients are unaware that the firm representing them needs to speak with them about an urgent matter regarding their case. It is a win-win for all parties involved, most importantly the client.


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