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Empower Your Law Firm’s Reach with Precision Marketing

Social Media Marketing:

LMC harnesses the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X (Twitter) to deliver targeted ads to specific populations. This approach revolutionizes legal marketing by allowing law firms of all sizes to access the same claimant pools, regardless of their marketing budget. Our expertise in creating and managing ad sets ensures efficient capital deployment, as we can quickly adjust or halt underperforming campaigns to maximize ROI. With billions of daily users across these platforms, our social media strategies offer unmatched reach and precision.

Paid Search Campaigns:

Complementing our social media efforts, LMC utilizes paid search platforms like Google and Bing to capture potential claimants actively seeking information about legal issues and litigations. These PPC campaigns are particularly effective as litigations mature and awareness grows. Despite higher competition and costs, our targeted approach results in higher qualifying lead rates and better client retention. By integrating paid search with our social media campaigns, we provide a comprehensive marketing solution that adapts to the evolving needs of each case.
Partnering with LMC offers law firms a strategic advantage in the competitive legal marketing landscape. Our focus on targeted social media and paid search campaigns ensures that your message reaches the right audience efficiently and effectively. By providing greater control over marketing budgets and delivering transparent, measurable results, LMC helps law firms of all sizes maximize their outreach and achieve their client acquisition goals. Trust LMC to handle your marketing needs, and watch your law firm thrive with precision and integrity.


Legal Marketing Concepts’ hands-on customer service, rapid transfers, and transparent data analytics make partnering with them an easy decision. While many of its competitors offer cookie cutter “one size fits all” campaigns, LCM has repeatedly worked with our firm to set-up tailored project criteria that allows us to better service the potential clients we are seeking. This has repeatedly resulted in higher client conversion rates and lower case acquisition costs.

Jon C. Conlin, Cory Watson

The attention to detail and responsiveness of Ethan and his team at Legal Marketing Concepts has always been fantastic. LMC is an example of how to market for claims the right way. The honesty and professionalism of LMC is an example that others should take to heart and learn from. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Cameron Andrus, Roman Balaban & Associates

Ethan Heck's lead generation company is one of the very few that I would ever spend my own money on. He’s completely transparent in how he spends money advertising on my campaigns, and is just an honest person overall. He’s also one of the very few people I’ve ever recommended that my firm spend money on, if we've ever spent money on outside marketing for cases.

Ruth Rizkalla, The Carlson Law Firm

Legal Marketing Concepts focuses our marketing efforts on mediums within our core competencies.

In November 2007 Facebook first launched Social Ads that allowed marketers to serve targeted ads their desired populations. This transformed the legal marketing industry almost overnight. While TV marketing may reach a larger captive viewer base at any given moment at any given moment, the ability to get your message in front of the audience you want was a game changer. It also drastically reduced the barrier to entry for law firms into marketing for claimants. The ability to run smaller, controlled budget campaigns allows smaller firms access to the same claimant pools as much larger firms. 
It also created a medium for much greater control of marketing budgets for LMC. We are able to create a series of information pages that run simultaneously and throttle, cut back, or quickly shut down ad sets that are not preforming well to ensure the most efficient deployment of capital… Oh yeah, and there are 2.1 billion daily Facebook users, 500 million Instagram users daily, 50 million TikTok users, and another 250 million users that log on to ‘X’ (Twitter) every day.  
Paid Search: Paid Search platforms (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.) are still a very effective tool. While social media information campaigns are more effective when the public is relatively unaware of an arising issue and litigation due to their data driven algorithms, paid search becomes an instrumental tool when the issue is more widely known. PPC campaigns are added into marketing campaigns as a complimentary outreach platform as litigations mature. While there tends to be greater competition and higher cost per lead, the potential claimant has specifically searched for and sought out information about the issue and/or litigation. This usually results in a higher rate of qualifying issues and client retention.  


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