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Legal Marketing Concepts’ hands-on customer service, rapid transfers, and transparent data analytics make partnering with them an easy decision. While many of its competitors offer cookie cutter “one size fits all” campaigns, LCM has repeatedly worked with our firm to set-up tailored project criteria that allows us to better service the potential clients we are seeking. This has repeatedly resulted in higher client conversion rates and lower case acquisition costs.

Jon C. Conlin, Cory Watson

The attention to detail and responsiveness of Ethan and his team at Legal Marketing Concepts has always been fantastic. LMC is an example of how to market for claims the right way. The honesty and professionalism of LMC is an example that others should take to heart and learn from. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Cameron Andrus, Roman Balaban & Associates

Ethan Heck's lead generation company is one of the very few that I would ever spend my own money on. He’s completely transparent in how he spends money advertising on my campaigns, and is just an honest person overall. He’s also one of the very few people I’ve ever recommended that my firm spend money on, if we've ever spent money on outside marketing for cases.

Ruth Rizkalla, The Carlson Law Firm

I cannot speak highly enough of LMC and the transformative impact they have had on our law firm's online presence and client acquisition. From the start, they understood the legal field and customized a perfect marketing plan for us. Their clear reporting and updates kept us informed, building a trusting partnership. If you are a law firm looking to elevate your marketing efforts and achieve tangible results, I highly recommend LMC.

Aaron Dickey- Dickey Anderson Law Firm



Define the parameters of the sphere of potential parties injured or effected by the issue.



Devise a strategy and marketing campaign designed to efficiently and economically illicit responses from the aforementioned demographic population.



Deliver qualified leads or retain claimant candidates who have met the agreed to criteria on behalf of our partner law firms.

Elevate Your Law Firm’s Marketing Efforts

Social Media Marketing:

Transform your legal marketing strategy with our targeted social media campaigns. Reach your desired audience efficiently on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X. With over 2.1 billion daily Facebook users, 500 million Instagram users, 50 million TikTok users, and 250 million X users, our approach ensures your message hits the mark. We offer greater control over your marketing budget, enabling us to quickly adapt and optimize campaigns for the best results.

Paid Search Campaigns:

Maximize your firm’s visibility and client acquisition with our strategic paid search campaigns on Google and Bing. As legal issues become widely recognized, our PPC campaigns ensure your firm stands out to potential claimants actively seeking information. Despite higher competition and costs, our targeted approach yields higher qualifying leads and better client retention.

In-House Intake Process Call Center:

✅ In-house call center
✅ Customized criteria to specific desire of law firm
✅ Intake services only charged for successfully retained qualified claimants
✅ Intake training with litigation PSC members

Meeting Ethical Obligations

Opt-In Traceability

Law Firm Owns the Data

Backend Access to Client Portal

Real-time Marketing Report

Legal Marketing Concepts

The Apogee of Integrity

We Do It Right

At LMC, we believe in doing business the right way. Our lead generation and case acquisition campaigns strictly adhere to the marketing ethics opinions of bar associations across all 50 states. We design our marketing and intake processes to meet the same high standards as if the work were being done in-house by your law firm. Our commitment to transparency and integrity ensures that our partner firms have complete visibility into every potential claimant lead and the status within the litigation cycle. With real-time access to detailed marketing reports, including expenses and acquisition costs, we ensure that our partners are always well-informed and empowered to make the best decisions.


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