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Lead Generation

Ethically Crafted Campaigns with Proven Results

Lead generation is an artform that takes a blending of mediums, insight, and experience to maximize response rates. While we live in a world full of painters, there are only a handful of masters whose names ring out. With over two decades of involvement in legal marketing, the leadership of LMC has developed an unparalleled skillset in the industry. We understand that it is not just about volume and lead cost, but in designing campaigns that reach the desired audience and illicit interaction with the afflicted population that meets the criteria supported by scientific research.

Meeting Ethical Obligations:

All of our ad sets are created by our marketing team in-house.  The verbiage associated with them are written by our CEO and available to our partner law firms to review and provide feedback. Landing pages are individually created and customized for each litigation to most efficiently engage and qualify each potential claimant, while ensuring ease of navigation through the qualifying questions for the injured party. 

Opt-In Traceability:

As LMC is performing the marketing work as an extension of each law firm we work with, all leads generated are individually ID tagged and IP address captured to show traceability from the time of a form submit. The lead data immediately becomes the property of the law firm and remains so in perpetuity. 

Law Firm Owns the Lead Data:

Legal Marketing Concepts is contracted by law firms for our expertise in information campaigns and managing marketing budgets. As such, all qualified lead data generated through any campaign run with us is the sole property of our law firm partner. We are paid a fee to manage the marketing for our partners, but all leads belong to the firm, whether they are ultimately retained on the firm’s behalf or not.

Backend Access to the LMC Client Portal:

One of our most unique innovations that other legal marketing companies do not offer is backend access to our client management portal. All of our law firm partners have an account created for them to provide their team access to every campaign that they have ever run with us. This enables the firm to see every lead that their marketing has generated, whenever they want! 
The law firm can see the status of the lead and where it is in the retention cycle (e.g. “signed-confirmed”, “called-not contacted”, “contacted -pending info”, “qualified-packet sent”, etc.). The firm is also given access to important documents our intake team has procured for them via the portal. 

Real-time Marketing Report:

In connection to LMC’s commitment to complete transparency, a real-time marketing report can be viewed at any time by our partners through the law firm portal. This live feed shows exactly how much of the campaign funding has been pushed into media channels. It also provides what the internal cost per qualified lead is, what the management fee ‘to date’ is, the number of leads and claimants retained, the intake service fee, the realized acquisition cost per claimant, and budget remaining in the campaign. With transparency such a big topic of discussion in our industry, LMC prides ourselves on being the one company to truly deliver it. 


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    Legal Marketing Concepts’ hands-on customer service, rapid transfers, and transparent data analytics make partnering with them an easy decision. While many of its competitors offer cookie cutter “one size fits all” campaigns, LCM has repeatedly worked with our firm to set-up tailored project criteria that allows us to better service the potential clients we are seeking. This has repeatedly resulted in higher client conversion rates and lower case acquisition costs.

    Jon C. Conlin, Cory Watson

    The attention to detail and responsiveness of Ethan and his team at Legal Marketing Concepts has always been fantastic. LMC is an example of how to market for claims the right way. The honesty and professionalism of LMC is an example that others should take to heart and learn from. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Cameron Andrus, Roman Balaban & Associates

    Ethan Heck's lead generation company is one of the very few that I would ever spend my own money on. He’s completely transparent in how he spends money advertising on my campaigns, and is just an honest person overall. He’s also one of the very few people I’ve ever recommended that my firm spend money on, if we've ever spent money on outside marketing for cases.

    Ruth Rizkalla, The Carlson Law Firm