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Intake Process

Our in-house legal call center stands out for its highly trained and multilingual staff dedicated to vetting potential claimants based on the unique criteria created with our law firm partner is retained on their behalf, ensuring that only fully qualified claimants are retained on behalf of the law firm


In-house call center

At Legal Marketing Concepts, our focus is on training our in-house intake staff extensively, complemented by our unique location. Unlike outsourced centers in places like the Philippines or India, our in-house team utilizes proprietary technology to screen and qualify potential claimants based on your firm’s specific criteria. Through our call routing, outreach, and personalized SMS communications, we guarantee that every avenue is explored to reach the interested party. No call goes unanswered, and we work to emphasize convenience for potential claimants and a positive start to the attorney-client relationship.
We regularly conduct Teams video conferences with Plaintiff Steering Committee members to ensure that our intake team has full comprehension of why the litigation exists and why the injury sustained by the potential claimant occurred. This knowledge and training ensure that the claimant is well informed and creates a sense of confidence for the claimant that are engaging with a firm that understands their experience and is well equipped to represent them. Our commitment to your success is transparent – no hidden fees for intake, fee sharing, or incidental expenses. We charge a flat fee for successfully retained qualified claimants. We work tirelessly to generate leads round-the-clock, your firm can concentrate on what truly matters – helping those in need.

No Stone Unturned

In alignment with our dedication to exceptional service, our legal call center operates 362 days a year, ensuring that assistance is available whenever potential clients seek help. Understanding that many perspective claimants have become more leery over the past decade and are often screening their calls, LMC utilizes our proprietary outreach initiatives, email follow up, and innovative SMS technology. We take a ‘no stone unturned’ approach to connecting with a potential claimant who has asked to speak with a representative of the firm.  
Our intake call center fosters real-time collaboration among representatives, facilitating quick adjustments based on client conversations or your firm’s requirements. The team is overseen by our COO and Intake Manager. The case file of every client retained is sent through an additional two step screening process. First, the case is reviewed by a Case Review Specialist to ensure that it adheres to the agreed to criteria and that all pertinent information has been obtained. The second step in our process is a final review by our COO prior to the client case file being exported to our partner law firm for follow up.  This unique setup ensures a steady stream of qualified claimants for your firm, enabling timely assistance to those in need.
Rest assured, every claimant reaching your firm through our call center has undergone rigorous qualification by our expert team. By employing a tailored intake process aligned with your criteria, we guarantee that the initial steps in cultivating a solid client-firm relationship are handled proficiently by our compassionate intake staff.



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    Legal Marketing Concepts’ hands-on customer service, rapid transfers, and transparent data analytics make partnering with them an easy decision. While many of its competitors offer cookie cutter “one size fits all” campaigns, LCM has repeatedly worked with our firm to set-up tailored project criteria that allows us to better service the potential clients we are seeking. This has repeatedly resulted in higher client conversion rates and lower case acquisition costs.

    Jon C. Conlin, Cory Watson

    The attention to detail and responsiveness of Ethan and his team at Legal Marketing Concepts has always been fantastic. LMC is an example of how to market for claims the right way. The honesty and professionalism of LMC is an example that others should take to heart and learn from. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Cameron Andrus, Roman Balaban & Associates

    Ethan Heck's lead generation company is one of the very few that I would ever spend my own money on. He’s completely transparent in how he spends money advertising on my campaigns, and is just an honest person overall. He’s also one of the very few people I’ve ever recommended that my firm spend money on, if we've ever spent money on outside marketing for cases.

    Ruth Rizkalla, The Carlson Law Firm